Inspiration, Motivation, and Harnessing the Creative Mind – Is This Possible while Enduring Realities of an Adult?

January 26, 2017

So I’m again sitting quietly, crocheting while listening to my favorite medium, Youtube.  Just enjoying the quiet of my home life while watching the hook slide smoothly through loops of yarn, thread, or whatever I am currently working with.  Some days I listen to audiobooks, movie analysis, or currently as I write this, The Doors.  Most who know me personally know I work a day job where there is a high demand of my attention.  Unfortunately, although I have inspiration or motivation to work on the numerous projects currently in line, by the time I finish my shift and return, I’m so exhausted I can barely concentrate or allow that creativity to flow to flourish.  I keep putting off what I plan to do all day, the next day arrives, and I’m emotionally kicking myself.

A few years back I attended the Mini Maker Fair in Denver and I had one woman approach me and ask “How do you find the time to create such beautiful paintings”.  I first explained that the work I had showcased was work that I created over years of time though generally I try to work on something for at least a few hours each night.  Sad to say, I have not worked on a full body of work in the last four years. They’re all trapped in my mind but because my energy ends up spent obligating my adult responsibilities, some days it seems there just isn’t much left.  Then I listened to this video.

I then began to wonder if I should do the same thing.  Anything I draw, doodle, sketch, or scribble, just start sharing it.  I already have an instagram and I have a phone.   This shouldn’t take as long of an undertaking as my autobiographic illustrated blog I had planned to create would take.  What do you think, friends?  Maybe we should all share our illustrations with the world more often?  It would definitely be a more honest and open type of communication on social media.  All too often people “edit their lives” to appear more interesting by showing only the exciting and positive aspects of their life.  Maybe if we all drew what we felt and shared it day to day, more people would know who we are as individuals.  Just an interesting thought.

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