2017 – Day One

Waking up this morning, it already feels like a fresh slate.  I always felt that the idea that when a new year begins that everything will be new/better was a bit silly.  Considering all the really weird and disjointed things that had happened in 2016…the seemingly alarming number of celebrity deaths as well as the strange negativity that kind of floated over people’s lives as well as in my household, it’s a welcome change and gives me hope for the best.

New years resolutions?  I don’t have resolutions because I’m not sure if I really need to change too much in my life.  I know it sounds pretentious but in all honesty it’s true.  I’d like to take more focus and energy away from my day job to focus on the projects I’ve had in the works the past four months, but I’m unsure of the reality of it.  I do know I will definitely be focusing more on attending at least four craft shows this year if possible.  I’ve been wanting to commit to taking advantage of first friday art walks but with the business I’m currently running aside from Huffensen, I do not want to hold my breathe on that.  I do know I need to eliminate more stress from my life so I have the energy to help people when they need it.  I also need to continue to find balance to maintain my own sanity while doing so.

I have started taking steps to improve my health about four months ago and to determine why exactly I have been so tired so much.   I currently walk my dog every other day for a block to maintain her health too (she’s an elderly dog and has had health issues last year as well.  She’s getting better too but still has issues with her hips).  I suppose rather than being art oriented for my first entry of the year, I figured I’d put a more human twist to my writings and make this more of a personal update.  For those who read me regularly and have supported my work in the past, I wanted to give a heartfelt thank you from the bottom of my heart.  For those who are just finding me, please continue to return and enjoy what I create, write, and share.  Happy New Year!

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